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There are 1000s of fig varieties found all over the world: From the US, Italy, Greece, France, the Middle East, Asia & More!

Use this directory as your guide to choose the right fig for you, to read expert fig reviews and to learn about the world of fig varieties. Whether they are expensive figs, commonly found, old standards, white figs, black figs and whether they are the best figs or whether they are the worst, here are the varieties at least worth learning about.

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Potentially a chimera mutation of White Marseilles. Black skinned. Very tasty honey fig.

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A favorite of many for its complex flavor. Grown in Majorca, Spain by Monserrat Pons.

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Black Madeira's & Calderona's #1 competition. Very complex and a better choice.


From the country of Monaco with fruity and honey flavors. A profile not commonly found.

Ronde de Bordeaux

A French fig from the Bordeaux region. Great in short season climates. Tastes of plums.


The hardy Smith fig originally from Becnel that's changed due to epigenetics.


Considered the King of figs for its complex flavor and difficulty ripening


A fig found throughout all of Europe, but probably of French origin. HUGE & tasty berry flavored fruits.

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Of unknown origin, but with a thick & dense pulp similar to the Coll de Damas. 

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An old American fig that's figgy tasting, dries well, hardy and performs above average overall.

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A cherry flavored early to ripen fig from Pomona Gardens in Italy.


Of Italian origin, but found throughout Europe because of its amazing ability to dry on the tree.


An heirloom Celeste with black skin, dark red to purple pulp with a stronger berry flavor.


A very hardy fig from Bulgaria with great overall performance and taste.

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A very tasty French fig meant for dryer climates. Similar to Coll de Dama in quality.


Paradiso which translates to paradise. Truly a fig eating experience worthy of its name.


Simply one of the best. If Black Madeira is king and Coll de Dama is queen, Smith is the humble prince.

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One of the heirloom Northern Italian figs that performs well everywhere. Among the best tasting.


Earthy and figgy flavors with some berry. One of the hardiest & earliest fig varieties.


The standard for hardy figs. Over a 100 named varieties of this special fig with epigenetic differences.


A seedling of Hardy Chicago. Tastes just like dried figs with a short susceptibility window.

Proscuitto fig

A promising Adriatic type fig found in New Jersey by Aaron Delmanto of NJFigFarm


A very sweet French fig with a pleasant thick texture. In humid climates you may see sugar spots.


Of French origin and thought of similarly to Ronde, but insanely productive.

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