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Starting a Commercial Fig Tree Orchard in Humid & Cold Climates | What to Look Out For

Updated: Feb 2

Key Takeaways:
Are you looking to grow figs commercially in a humid climate? Look no further! In this post, we dive into the unique challenges and solutions for successfully cultivating figs in humid environments like Cape Cod or Philadelphia.

From utilizing greenhouses and plastic to selecting the right varieties, we've got you covered. Whether you're a small organic farmer or a local restaurant owner, this post is packed with valuable information to help you grow market-friendly figs that will impress your customers. Don't miss out on the secrets to fig success- read on!

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Growing figs for a farm CSA or commercially for local markets can provide several benefits for farmers.

  1. High demand: Figs are a popular fruit that is in high demand in many local markets and are becoming the next "in" food. They are being used not only for consumption but in skin care products, health products, and even as a coffee alternative. This can lead to a profitable crop for farmers.

  2. Long harvest season: Figs typically have a long harvest season, which can provide a steady source of income for farmers.