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Fig Tree Light Requirements | Maximizing Sunlight to Form Figs & to Produce MORE

Updated: Feb 14

If you have a beautiful and big fig tree that doesn’t produce fruit, then I totally understand your struggle to achieve the harvest you deserve. Despite all the care and attention that you give to your tree, it still isn’t producing fruit!

The secret to maximizing the fig yield, however, is much simpler than you might think. It all comes down to one critical factor - sunlight. In this article, I’ll reveal a fig tree’s light requirements and how you can ensure your fig tree receives enough light to form fruits and produce more.

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Fig tree light requirements

A fig tree's light requirements are met when it produces fruit. If your tree is healthy and it isn’t producing fruit, that’s when you know there’s just simply not enough.

Why is this?

  • Every fig variety has a different sunlight requirement based on the fig varieties' genetics and epigenetics.

  • To fully understand the subject, a specific duration of sunlight may not be enough for proper fruit set. What about a specific level of sunlight intensity? The further away you are from the equator, the less intense the sun is.

  • You can see now why a general recommendation regarding a fig tree's light requirements is a bit foolish. My recommendation: every fig variety has a specific duration and intensity of sunlight to produce fruit. For most growers, 8 hours of sunlight per day is plenty, but it's not that simple either.

  • Simply put, you want your fig tree to grow in as much sunlight as possible. Plant your fig tree in the warmest and sunniest location possible.

Do fig trees need full sun?⠀