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Maximizing Sunlight to Form Figs & to Produce MORE

Why isn't my fig tree producing figs?⠀

OR ⠀

How can I increase the production on my fig tree?⠀

Sunlight just like food and water are the basic needs of any plant and not just the fig, so naturally there should be a high amount of importance placed on it. The general recommendation of putting your tree in full sun or in as much light as possible is mostly a dumbed down version of the truth, which in all honesty took me too long to truly learn. Sometimes you hear things and you know it to be true, but it's not fully ingrained in your mind until it clicks. Hopefully that if it doesn't click for you, it will after watching my latest video on the topic on how light affects the production of fig trees.

Not only does sunlight affect how many figs your tree will produce, but also whether or not they will form at all. Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time. This increase in light penetration or maximization of light can only affect production going forward as figs are formed at the microscopic level before they become visible and as the tree is forming new leaves/buds. Eventually they bring themselves to our vision and can be seen on a small scale along the nodes above the leaf scar or where the leaf stem attaches to the branch. If the amount of light required (variety and location depending) is met, you will see the beginnings of fruits in the form of two nodes. One is a new branch that could grow given a change in hormones or apical dominance, the other is a new fruit.

As the small fruit buds grow and expand, they eventually form into small figs. The bud grows larger and becomes more visible, but to a trained eye those small "double dots" can be identified at a sooner point in time, which is what I believe could enable the technique of pinching fig trees to offer a larger benefit.

I highly recommend that you give my recent video a watch. Yes... similar principles of maximizing light apply to all fruit trees, but there are some simple insights discussed that apply really only to fig trees. The video below is a great example of how I'm training young fruit trees like the pear tree featured in this video. Similar application, but slightly different principles because the fig fruits on the new growth. Giving that new growth the sunlight required is exactly what directly impacts fruit bud formation right then and there.