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Fig Tags | The Perfect and Affordable Plant Tag that LASTS - You'll Never Need Another Tag Again

As fig growers, we know the importance of keeping track of the different plants in our gardens. But keeping track can be challenging when plants start to look alike or when we forget the name of a particular variety.

That's where plant tags come in handy! Plant tags help us keep track of our plants and make gardening easier. But not all plant tags are created equal - some are too expensive and never last! Don't miss this important step to a successful fig season, click here to learn about the important steps along the way.

That's why I want to introduce you to a simple and cost-effective garden hack to create the perfect and affordable plant tag that actually lasts. With this method, you can label your plants with ease and confidence, knowing that your tags will withstand the elements and last for years to come.

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Making Fig Tags for Fig Trees

Making Fig Tags is a simple and easy process that requires only a few materials. To make your Fig Tags, you'll need a set of vinyl blinds, a pair of scissors, a pencil, and optionally a hole puncher & twist ties.

  1. First, make cuts across the vinyl blinds horizontally to create strips that are 0.5-1 inch in width. You can also make them much wider for your preferences.

  2. Then, use the pencil to write the name of the plant or any other information you want to include on either side of the tag. It's important to use a pencil instead of a pen, as the pencil will not fade or smudge over time. The pencil markings will last for at least 1 or 2 growing seasons.

  3. Once you've labeled your tags, you can either place them on the side of your container in between the container and the soil, tape them to the side of your containers, or place them under rocks for fig trees that are planted in the ground.

  4. If you want to hang your tree tag, simply hole punch either side of the strip of vinyl blind that you created and insert a twist tie or a piece of string. And that's it - your Fig Tags are ready to use!