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Dalmatie Fig | Comprehensive Variety Review

Updated: Jan 28

1. Introduction

I've created a series of blog posts that contain comprehensive information on fig varieties that are what I could consider standards. There are 1000s of fig varieties in existence, but figs like Dalmatie are usually easy to find, they're inexpensive, and are a classic fig variety that you ought to know like the back of your hand. Check out the other blog posts on the other varieties I've covered in the variety directory here:

2. Growing Characteristics

  • Origin: Unknown

  • Categorization: Bifere

  • Similar varieties: Stella, Makedonian White, San Pietro, Staten Island Bomb, Vasilika Sika (BC), White Greek, Leon's Montenegro, Gayet, Marot, Henderson Green

  • Taste grouping: Complex Berry Texture: Jammy

  • Size: Large

  • Ripening period: Mid-Late

  • Vigor: High

  • Rain resistance: High

  • Split Resistance: Medium

  • Shape: Ovoidal

  • Hang time: Average

  • Climate preference: Well adapted

  • Hardiness: High

  • Taste rating: 4.7/5

  • Light requirements: Above average

  • Productivity: High

3. History

The origin of Dalmatie is unknown to me, but I think a lot of growers would probably agree that the French are responsible for making this fig popular in Europe. France is a culture that deeply respects food and so it is because of them that Dalmatie is another standard variety worth knowing about if you're a serious fig hobbyist. It's one of the classics.

4. Description

Dalmatie is a very large, green-skinned, red interior fig that has an exquisite eating experience. Because of its thick texture, I was quite surprised, and to me, that makes it among the best tasting figs that you can grow. Similar to Black Madeira, it's very sweet and filled with nectar, but they also maintain a thick pulp.

What's shocking to me about Dalmatie is its flavor in relation to its size. I can't think of a fig as large as Dalmatie that tastes nearly as good. In fact, the brebas can be as large as 200 grams or more.

Usually in humid climates, the larger the fig is, the worse it tastes. A lot of it in actuality has to do with the shape and Dalmatie has the perfect oval or ovoidal shape for a humid climate. It doesn't split easily and if it does, it's not major.

Overall it's just a very well-adapted, large, and tasty fig. It's a fast grower, productive and hardy.