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Prosciutto - A Super Tasty Unknown from Jersey

Prosciutto - This is an unknown Aaron Delmanto found somewhere in Jersey I imagine. It's a very good Adriatic fig. I think it just dries better and has a shorter hang time than the others and therefore gets that super awesome jam more often. It does split, but if I plant it in ground, I believe that'll subside a bit after a few years in ground. I'm sure that the neck and stem will be longer at that point like I've seen with other varieties. That's partly why I'm so impressed with Green Michurinska. The fig doesn't split very often and it tastes fantastic. I actually just ordered a second Prosciutto tree from Aaron so that I can plant one in ground this fall and keep the other in a pot for further evaluation. I remember actually acquiring this fig at one of Matty's Long Island get-togethers. I think that same day I acquired Nerucciolo d'Elba and a large Smith tree for a prior girlfriend. That same weekend we visited her Uncle where he taught us the basics of beekeeping. I planted the Prosciutto that I acquired at Matty's there and forgot all about the variety. A year later TorontoJoe posted about this fig on OurFigs. I still wasn't too keen on it, but I was surprised that it looked so good. Somehow or another I acquired a tree after that in a trade and boy am I glad I did. It's way more impressive than I thought.

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