My Best Fig - By Far

This fig is called Verdino del Nord. It is by far the best fig you can grow in a humid climate.

Why? It has superior drying capabilities that very few other figs have. It has an extremely good resistance to fermentation due to its high brix and therefore is able to dry completely even in humid climates.. Not only that but it tastes as good as a Coll de Dama in its semi-dried state. It's jam on a tree.

Growing characterisitics: productive, good annual shoot growth, mid season, doesn't split, rarely cracks, insects struggle to penetrate the skin and birds and other critters don't see it due to it's green/yellow skin. It's of small size. Tough, thin skin with a fine texture. Long neck. Almost a teardrop shape like Celeste. Short hang time. 6ish days and you'll have a semi-dried fig.

Inside it's a ruby. A fig ruby and one of two fig berries. Nerucciollo d'Elba being the other. Of Italain origin, but found all throughout Europe. Actually has quite a few names it goes by. Figoin being one. See the video below for more information.

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