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Verdolino Fig - An Instant Top 10 Variety

This is Verdolino. Originally from Pomona Gardens in Italy. Found near Lake Garda. In fact the full name is Verdolino del Lago di Garda. According to Mario's data (who's been growing this fig for years), it's bifere and among the earlier ripening figs he grows. Breba - 7/19 & Main - 8/25.

What he doesn't state is just how amazing this fig tastes. The texture is very thick. It's right up there with a Coll de Dama. The sugar content is high and the flavor complexity is there. Best part about it though is the shape and the way it hangs. I don't have enough data yet to give it the full nod, but I can pretty much guarantee this fig will be one of the best figs I've come across in locations where splitting is a main concern. I don't know why this fig isn't talked about more. It's spectacular.

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