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Spring Fig Tree Sale: The Details

Updated: Mar 29

Hello everyone. A lot of you have been patiently waiting for an update on the spring fig tree sale. I want to thank you all for your immense interest. There's no better gift each year. It's like the saying, give a man a fish, or better yet, teach him to fish.

I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel describing some details. You can watch that below:


  • The sale will go live on March 29th at 9 PM EST.

  • Shipment will occur the week of April 16th-19th using UPS Ground.


  • Once the sale is live, each variety will have its inventory updated and will be available for purchase, here:

  • Due to limited quantities, each tree is available on a first come first serve basis. I cannot offer custom orders before the sale goes live.


Unfortunately, I don't have an exact count of each variety yet. Because we're dealing with living things, this list is subject to change. Each variety is being grown in a 1-gallon-sized pot.

To help you choose the right fig variety for you, feel free to contact me with your location, growing zone, annual rainfall, and if you'll be planting it in the ground or a larger pot.

Generally, you want hardy varieties when growing in colder zones (5-7).

Varieties that perform well in humidity in humid climates.

Early varieties in mild summer locations like the UK or PNW.

And the tastiest varieties in dry and long-season climates.

  • Mideval Yvoire

  • Verdone (Nikky)

  • Pastiliere (RT)

  • Golden Rainbow

  • Constans

  • Campaniere

  • Longue d'Aout

  • Teramo

  • Salato

  • St. Martin

  • Verdino del Nord (VR)

  • Stallion

  • Cul Noir

  • Noire de Barbentane

  • Texas BA-1

  • Black Madeira

  • Colonel Littman's Black Cross

  • LSU Hollier

  • Thermalito

  • LSU Champagne

  • Godfather

  • La Borgeoise

  • Violette de Bordeaux (Nero 600m)

  • Black Celeste

  • Dall'Oso

  • Smith

  • Green Michurinska

  • Sefrawi

  • White Triana

  • Nerucciolo d'Elba

  • San Biagio

  • LSU Tiger

  • Ronde de Bordeaux

  • Negra d'Agde


Upon arrival, it's best to acclimate your tree to your new environment slowly. This means, putting it into the shade and watering the soil with warm water upon arrival. It's important to avoid the potential of sunburn.

Your sunlight intensity or duration and humidity levels might be higher and lower respectively than mine. Therefore, it's important to harden off your fig trees appropriately if you're in the desert or considerably further South of Philadelphia where the sun is more intense.


After hardening your new tree, I recommend repotting your fig tree into a 2 or 3-gallon-sized pot instead of planting it in your yard straight away. After only two months of strong growth in a larger pot, your fig tree should be ready for planting.

In colder growing zones (5-7), I recommend planting fig trees in the spring.

  • In Philadelphia where I am located, I exclusively plant fig trees in May or June.

  • Therefore, it's best to keep your young fig tree in a 3 to 5-gallon pot for an entire growing season.

  • Plant it outside after the last frost next spring.

With irrigation and a thick mulch covering, you can plant fig trees at any point of the growing season in warmer growing zones (8+). However, the best time to plant is when temperatures are mild. That's typically in the spring, fall, or winter.

Summer & Fall Fig Tree Sale:

I'll start rooting my fig cuttings around May 1st. So, you'll see more trees for sale from June or July. The sale will go on through summer and fall, ending with bigger 3 and 5-gallon fig trees available in November, right before my yearly cutting sale in December.

Thanks, everyone. Feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions.

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