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Black Celeste - The tastiest Celeste I've eaten

For those that will miss my posts on OurFigs, I've decided to continue my postings as the season progresses here on the blog.

Black Celeste is probably the best tasting Celeste related fig that I've tried. Even better than the LSU figs. So far.. the eating experience is reminiscent of something between VdB & Elba. I will reserve final judgement for now, but that's what it's looking like. It also has a similar dark pigmentation from the skin that VdB and Elba has. The production/rain resistance is up there with other Celeste figs.

I don't recall what Brian Rodrigue has told me regarding its hardiness, but I can't imagine it's much different than Celeste. I have no doubts that it's worth growing in ground here in PA and in fact I've planted two to find out, but none to test its hardiness.

Peter Cundari has found and is in the process of saving a fig tree in Staten Island called Luisa's fig that I'm also growing. The photos look a lot like Black Celeste. I will keep you all updated on that as time goes on. You can find the listing and story for that variety here:

Also some of you may remember that Aaron Baltay found a local tree in California that he believed to be Fico Luv a few years ago. I'm growing that one as well and I can tell you that it's a match for Black Celeste. The differences between them all are yet unclear and these thoughts are still quite preliminary in general towards this variety.

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