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Fruity Honey Figs | What are they? And the few varieties that fall under this category.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

What is a Fruity Honey Fig?!

This profile of figs are honey figs at their core, but they have an additional berry flavor. Similar to the improvement that Sugar Honey figs are to the Honey profile, Fruity Honey are also an improvement to the Honey category. They're just simply more complex and as many fig connoisseurs know, berry is usually better. I call this profile fruity because it's not exactly the full on berry you'd see in Cherry, Complex Berry or Melon Berry. It's quite mild, but when ripened properly, you get something unique and interesting. Well worth the effort to cover this profile if you're collecting varieties. It's also quite hard to find.

Bebera Branca - A Portuguese variety that when caprified is truly amazing. I don't know why more growers don't grow this. It's VERY good, but I only recommend it for dry locations. It's a honey fig that can develop a stronger berry flavor than just a mild "fruitiness."

Another that embodies this profile well is LSU Hollier. Another nice fig bred with Celeste in the LSU breeding program. It's definitely a honey fig at heart, but even early on it exhibits a mild berry flavor. One of my favorites overall and well worth growing in humid/short season locations. LSU Scott's Yellow is supposedly another with that same combo of flavor. Time will tell.

Albo - An Italian heirloom fig that's very early and tasty, but with it's open eye, that makes it a slightly worse choice than Hollier for humid places. Considerably tastier though and would make a nice option in a dry climate.

Pecciolo Bianco - Another Italian fig from Carmignano. Very tasty and promising.


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