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More Fig Trees for Sale | 2 Gallon Sizes Listed with 5 Gallon Sizes Coming Soon!

Hello everyone,

I want to thank you all for being so active on the FigBoss site. Just in the last month, there has been 3700 new visitors. That's amazing. Per usual I don't charge anything for the content that I provide and the knowledge that I pass on, but if you do want to support me, tree and cutting sales are a great way to do so.

Over the next few weeks our tree sale will end and beginning in December, cutting sales will begin. I just listed the 2g sized trees that I have available for sale on FigBid: These are trees in 8x8 inch fabric pots and have larger root systems than the 1g size that I normally sell.

In about a week, I'll be listing 5g sized trees. These are trees that I normally bare root, but I've decided to send them in their pot with their soil because of lower rates at UPS. These are trees in a 12x12 inch pot and have been in such a size fully rooted out for at least 1-2 seasons, which allow you to get to the beginning of the line of the rollercoaster a lot faster. The varieties I'll be listing are:

Saint Augusti

Nuestra Senyora del Carmen


Sister Madeleine's Yellow


Ischia Black UCD

Negrette de Porqourolles

Grise Olivette

Iraqi Unk

Da Ponte

Harry's Crete

Moscatel Branco


La Borgeoise

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