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Sugar Berry Figs | What are they? And the many varieties that fall under this category.

What is a Sugar Berry fig?!

This profile has a lot of the characteristics that a classic Sugar fig has, but the

complexity is increased by adding some mild berry flavors. Quite often the berry flavors in this category taste like strawberries, concord grapes and/or an artificial fruit punch, but because the berry flavors are mild, you still are able to experience a lot of the figgy dried fruit flavors that I love so much. When the berry flavors become more intense, it seems like

you loose some of that. There are of course exceptions, and it's not like that trade off is really a terrible thing, but that in my mind is the biggest difference between the two categories. Having said that, it is my second favorite category right behind Complex Berry.

Moro de Caneva is a great example of this flavor profile. It tastes exactly like a fig with a mild berry flavor. It also helps that it's probably the most reliable fig in terms of production that I have. Every time I go out in the yard during fig season, there's always one to pick and way more often than not at a high quality.

Sultane - Quite a mild and fruity fig with some figgy flavor. Of French origin that's considered a standard in Baud's collection and among French growers.

Campaniere - I've talked a ton about this fig in the past. You can find my blog post here on it: - It's another classic Sugar Berry fig with a lot going for it. Drying capabilities, high performance and a solid breba producer. The figs have a mild berry flavor with a very good earthiness.

Columbaro Nero - This variety usually produces a lot of fig nectar. It's a sugar fig at heart and when it ripens longer, the berry flavors come out. It's a fig with many names. Easily recognizable by the void, shape and internal pattern shown below. Quite underrated, but preferable in dryer locations.

LSU Tiger - Another bred by LSU with Celeste in its parentage. The skin on this fig is quite unique and very desirable. It's chewy with a pulp that differentiates itself from the skin in texture. It's not a uniform texture throughout like most figs. As the skin softens, it becomes sweeter and even has its own distinct flavor. Tiger is basically a Celeste but double the size and like the other Celeste figs in this category, it's got a mild berry flavor.

Capol Curt Negra

Sucrette - One of Baud's best figs. More growers should grow this variety. It has a very pleasing texture, great performance, drying capabilities and it tastes among the best in this flavor profile.

Florea/Michurinska 10 - A very hardy and early reliable fig with a surprising better than average flavor.

Hunt - A great performer in humid places that doesn't get any attention. It soon will become one of my best figs.

Nebo, Brandon St. Unk, Teramo Unk - These are all figs that are very similar. I don't know what the real name for this fig is, but they all come from Italy and I imagine the best name for it is Nebo. You won't see it written about though, but it's one of the figs immigrants brought over that survived the winter. Very hardy and early, with a much better flavor than you think. Especially in dry soil. These figs have it all actually. A layered caramel, berry and sugar flavor profile.

Celeste, The One, Stallion, Violette de Marseilles - These are all types of Celeste with epigenetic differences. As I mentioned in the Sugar profile post, all of the Celeste figs are not created equal. They're the classic Sugar fig. Even once called by name the Sugar fig, but some do not have that extra complexity coming from a berry flavor, but these do. Stallion so far being the most intense and Black Celeste is even more intense that I can't help but place into a whole different category of berry figs.

Souadi - A variety from my friend Bass. Souadi is another Sugar fig with mild berry flavors when properly ripened. This fig does have a longer hang time than most, but if you can grow it in a dry place, you will be rewarded by allowing the fig to ripening properly. Good drying capabilities as well.

Risoulet - A new one for me from Figues du Monde. I was very impressed by it's 2-3 day susceptibility window. After 3 days the fig is shriveled on the tree. That's very special and when it can shrivel, the figs are very figgy. That classic sugar profile, but with some Black Mission berry flavor added in. Very similar to Black Mission, but by far the best I've come across so far in that style of fig.

Dall'Oso - One of my personal favorites. Also a favorite of Ugo & Giacomo Fiorini at Belfiore Nursery in Italy. They published a great article on it here along with some of my other favorite fig varieties:

Grise de St. Jean - Easily one of the best French figs. Exquisite texture and flavor. Above and beyond most figs, but a mild berry flavor. Definitely one of the best Sugar figs.

Negretta - Almost like a "lite" version of Ronde de Bordeaux. Very similar in flavor to RdB, but with a little less berry flavor. Very early, hardy and underrated.

A tasty unknown fig from Rome.

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