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MUST GROW Fruit Trees, Vines & Shrubs in a BACKYARD ORCHARD

It's about that time of the year when mail order nurseries are sending out their nursery catalogues and I would be remiss if I didn't talk about some of the other amazing fruits that you can grow. Not just figs. In the nursery catalogues you'll see a lot of varieties of fruiting plants and you can get confused and overwhelmed pretty easily! Like where should I buy them? Which variety is best for me? Should I even grow that particular fruit? How should I organize my backyard orchard?

In this blog post I want to let you all in on a number of varieties that I am very fond of in terms of eating experience. I think they are so good that like fig trees, you must grow them to experience how amazing nature can be. After all, isn't that why we buy a nice bottle of wine or go to a nice restaurant? It's for the experience. We can do the same thing by growing specially selected varieties of fruit. It's important to realize that genetics are everything. People have grown thousands of varieties to find the very best ones. If you choose the right variety for flavor, you will be rewarded and it's the genetics that largely dictate how good a fruit, vegetable or mushroom can taste.

2 years ago I published a video that covers 8 must grow fruiting plants. I would highly recommend watching that out below:

Where should I order plants & can I order them online?
Yes. Ordering plants in the mail is a real thing and to be honest it's already become the most common way to grow special varieties of fruiting plants. While I believe in supporting your local nurseries, in the world of fruit, a nursery with the special varieties that we're looking for can be quite a far drive away.

It's important to realize that depending on what you're ordering and on what website, you can receive very different plants. Some nurseries ship container plants that have soil. Others send bare rooted plants and trees. Each style has their own positives and negatives. For any questions on what you're buying, closely inspect the website. You can also call their customer support to find out more information.

My personal favorite mail order fruit tree nurseries are:
Edible Landscaping - For their very helpful, knowledgeable & generous staff and owner.
One Green World - For their continued dedication to grow better varieties of fruit. They have a great selection.
Burnt Ridge - For their education and selection of specialty and unique fruit and nut plants.
Adam's County Nursery & Cummins Nursery - For their high quality bare root fruit trees and high quality varieties that are being planted in orchards all over the east coast.
Indiana Berry & Nourse Farms - For their low prices and high quality berry plants
Madison Citrus Nursery - For their high quality, affordable and wide selection of citrus trees.
Double A Vineyards - For their high quality, affordable and wide selection of grape vines.

I also really like Whitman Farms, Raintree Nursery, England's Nursery, HoneyberryUSA. If any of the nurseries above want to work with me, please contact me here on the blog.

Must grow fruiting plants

Marionberry - This is probably my favorite berry. It's as if you ate a blackberry, but you added an explosion of raspberry flavor with an intensity that's 4x a normal red raspberry. It's truly incredible. It's downside is that it's not very hardy. Only to about 5F. They also need a trellis. Just take them down off of their trellis and cover them with mulch. I recently added a variety called Columbia Star because it's supposed to be a thornless version of the marionberry and are supposed to taste even better. Some other blackberry-like plants worth considering are the Loganberry, the Snowbank White Blackberry, Olympic and the Thimbleberry (so far it's only found in Europe).

Black Raspberry - After trying all of the colors you can find in raspberries, (pink, yellow, red, purple & black) black raspberries are by far my favorite. They have the highest raspberry intensity and complexity. The lighter the color, typically the more mild they are and while that's pleasant, after eating a black raspberry, I see no reason to grow any other color.

Carmine Goumi - The Carmine variety of Goumi is 4x larger than the other common varieties you'll find. It also goes by the name Tillamook. Because of it's larger size, it's a much better eating experience. The pit to flesh ratio is appropriate otherwise I fear this fruit may be too much work to eat fresh. However when eaten