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Da Ponte de Quarteira | The Most Syrup I've Seen in a Fig Variety

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

This is my first year ripening Da Ponte figs on a second year tree. The tree has grown well and has established a very solid form. I didn't write about this fig earlier this season or even make a video reviewing it because I wasn't too impressed with this variety. It clearly needs to be grown in a dry climate, but I did get to enjoy a full crop and it didn't start too late. It's a mid season variety.

Recently I've been harvesting more figs and this late in the season, it's typically a bit drier and definitely colder. Having said that, I got to experience something quite amazing. A unique flavor and texture from this fig. The pulp is FILLED with fig syrup. I couldn't believe it. Definitely recommend this fig for something different OR if you're in a dry place.

To be honest I can't say much more about this fig. I do know that it was a favorite of Francisco, a well respect Portuguese grower many years ago on Figs4Fun.

This is what he said about it:
Being a Common, this one will grow and ripe anywhere with no pollination restrictions. It requires long hot summers and being very tolerant on dry soils it is precisely on such conditions, the fruits are best, sweeter and most flavored
The question of the flavors and to tell a correct translation of what they are is not easy and I am no good at that.... but one thing I can assure you: these Quarteira fig flavors are unique. Hopefully one day you shall have the opportunity to try and come up with a precise assessment.
I wholeheartedly agree. It's a unique fig experience. He also claims that it's an old and popular variety. I can see why. The figs are large, the tree is productive and it's a great grower. The only fig I can think of that comes close is Dels Ermitans. A Spanish variety that's also filled with syrup, but that fig is more condusive to humid climates.
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