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Cherry Figs | What are they? And the few varieties that fall under this category.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

What is a Cherry fig?!

The cherry fig flavor profile is just simply that-- berry figs that have a cherry flavor.

It's not uncommon for fig berry flavors to be very similar to a raspberry or a strawberry, so when you get something cherry flavored, it can be quite a nice surprise. I also typically associate some acidity with this profile. Most figs that aren't caprified (pollinated) don't have much acidity, but these tend to.

Without a doubt, the fig that I think of the most in this profile is Cavaliere. It's an Italian heirloom fig that's of a good size and is one of the best tasting figs available. Unfortunately it can split, but I'm now trialing it in the ground instead of in a container to see if things change.

Hative d'Argenteuil is probably the other that embodies this profile so well. Really nice berry flavor, early, reliable and a great performer in humid climates. One of my best figs.

San Biagio - This one is still relatively new, but another Italian heirloom. Intense acidic cherry flavor in an early to ripen package from Pomona Gardens in Italy.

Other varieties in the Cherry category:

Verde Passo

Fico Rubado

Unk Pastiliere


Negra d'Agde

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1 Comment

Amelia Tremba
Amelia Tremba
Nov 30, 2023

Do you have any cuttings of Cavaliere? Didn't see it on sale.

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