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The Best Genetic Advancement in Apples I've Seen Yet - The LUCY Apple

While this blog is mainly focused on figs, I would be remiss if I didn't mention something incredible I came across in the world of fruit recently. It's called the Lucy Apple.

It's the best apple I've ever had. The name on the tag was Lucy, but I believe there are two Lucy apples. One called Lucy Rose and Lucy Glo. The one I've tried is the Lucy Glo. I would normally recommend to grow it yourself, but your only option is to look for it at the grocery store. You will not be disappointed. The flesh is indeed red and it tastes like strawberries. And it's not just a hint of strawberry. Even the worst taste buds will pick it up. The apple is also not too acidic like most are. It's very sweet and berry flavored. A balance that I prefer when eating most fruit. It's a hybrid of Honeycrisp and Arlie Red Flesh and unfortunately it's patented, so it could be quite awhile before I'm able to grow this amazing genetic advancement in apples.

There are other red fleshed apples that are boasted to have that similar strawberry flavor. This isn't a GMO thing. It's naturally found in nature and is found in quite a few heirloom apple varieties. Some of the others are called Grenadine, Mott's Pink, Pink Parfait & Rubaiyat.

In other news I've been struggling to have good fruit quality in this high density apple system that I decided to plant years ago. It was a plot of 20 trees and 30 varieties in roughly 100 sq ft. With so many trees in such a small space, my success would be much higher with less trees that receive MORE sunlight. Watch my latest video to see one of the drastic changes I've made to my backyard orchard this fall.

Major Changes to my Apple Trees - Thinning the Plot for the Success of Others - Check out my latest video here:

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