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Complete Guide to Pruning Fig Trees in Containers | For Production, Earlier & High-Quality Fruits

Updated: 3 days ago

Transform your fig tree's growth and shape by mastering the art of container pruning with this must-read guide. Say goodbye to the confusion of pruning fig trees in pots, as we simplify the process for you.

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Key Takeaways

Below is my recent video on the topic of pruning container fig trees. It'll give you an up close and personal view. Check it out:

As mentioned in the comprehensive fig tree pruning blog post found here: - I said that we need to first establish our goals before we make any pruning cuts. I would highly recommend reading that post before continuing with this one.

When growing fig trees in containers, the goals of pruning solely revolve around improving health & form.

If we have a healthy tree with the right form, goals that you may have like size control & production will come naturally.

Size control of container fig trees

The size of the container controls the size of your fig tree. Of course, the variety also plays a huge role, but when growing fig trees in containers, there are limited resources available. Your tree can only get so big as there's limited soil for it to grow in.

In a short period of time, the fig tree fills its container with roots, and correspondingly the top of the tree won't get much larger in size from that point. In fact, once the form is set up, there's not a whole lot of pruning left to do. The tree reaches a hormonal balance, growth slows and the tree becomes manageable at a reasonable size while also being productive.

Maximizing production of container fig trees

Pruning fig trees to have the correct form is the best way to maximize production. Because with the right form, our trees can reach the most sunlight possible leading to higher levels of photosynthesis.