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A Case for Fig Tree Leaf Removal?

Pictured below are some Longue D'Aout figs from a friend's in ground tree that I planted for him by the Jersey shore. I cannot believe how good it was. Quite a nice berry flavor on this one. Plus they all had closed eyes and no splitting. That's the total opposite experience I've had with my in ground Longue D'Aout tree. But his tree and mine, are the same. From the same Mother tree. My current theory for the differences noted is that when there's an abundance of energy in relation to the amount of fruits on the tree, the fruits expand in size. In the case of LDA, that's a bad thing for fruit quality here. You might be able to make an argument for leaf removal. Because if you remove the leaves earlier in the season, there will be less photosynthesis, which should relate to fruit size.

Now that my tree has survived the winter like my friend's tree, it'll be interesting to see in the next 2 weeks what my main crop looks like compared to past years my tree has been in the ground. It could very well also be a different mechanism related to where the fruits form. If formed on a sucker from the base, I am noting across the board lower fruit quality and quite a difference in the fruits themselves.

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