You'll Never Need Another Garden/Tree Tag Again

As all fig collectors know, tagging your trees is immensely important. Bad record keeping can ruin an entire season or more of observation. Over the years I've experimented with many types of tags. Aluminum, plastic, even popsicle sticks. All have their drawbacks.

Years ago a friend (Mario in CT) showed me his fig tree setup. It was so meticulous, but the real money maker was that he keeps detailed notes throughout the season on each tree. How? His tagging system.

He uses vinyl blinds cut into strips or squares, creates holes with a hole puncher and writes on them with pencil of all things. The vinyl lasts a very long time. It's made for that. Even after 2 full seasons, I see no wear and tear. The pencil believe it or not will last longer than an entire season. Who would have thought?

The best part is... vinyl and pencil costs how much? Never have tagging problems again. See the video below for a quick rundown:

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