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What to do if your fig cuttings have leafed out, but stalled growth?

Early in the fig cutting rooting process this may happen to you. It may be time to change something because either 1 of 3 things are occurring:

1. Your cutting is rotting in the soil due to improper soil moisture and a lack of oxygen.

2. Improper environment. Fig trees metabolically perform their best at 78F. The same goes for rooting. Stay within the 75-80F range if you can. Add a heat mat if you're missing some degrees of temperature.

3. Your lighting is inadequate. Most likely they are not positioned properly or running long enough. I run mine for 16 hours a day and they're positioned 4 inches away from the leaves. 1-3 FT for LEDS.

Overall, be patient. You can expect most cuttings to show activity after 3-6 weeks. They may also need some time to put out some roots before continuing growth. If 1-3 are correct, there is no worry.

Check out my latest video for my thoughts on the subject and my current results:

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