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What a drier soil does to the quality of figs!

This is Sicilian Black and Teramo respectively. Sicilian Black is what Big Bill has told me is a very productive and hardy HC type. You can find Bill's website here:

He mentioned that it's a workhorse and that's why he keeps it even though the flavor is inferior to other HC types. I was super surprised to see that even though it wasn't as ripe as I like it, the interior was dark red. After eating it I couldn't believe how good it was. Better than most Malta Black and Azores Dark figs I've had. Teramo was amazing too and that fig isn't going to blow you away either, so why am I having this experience? Bill certainly isn't incorrect. I think what's going on here is that my Teramo and Sicilian Black are both planted out front. That's where my hardiness experiment is taking place. I chose that spot specifically because it's super dry there. The drier the soil, the better the trees lignify in preparation for winter. The location used to have a big maple tree there before we took it out and in its place we planted another 10 ft away that's now huge. The soil there is just different and I guess I attribute it to those big maples and as a result of the soil being so dry, these figs blew me away. I feel like this is what Sicilian Black and Teramo would taste like if I was growing them in California or somewhere much drier. This really proves the point that we should be very careful about where and how we plant our fig trees here in PA.

My recommendation:

Somewhere dry, with lots of sun and planted above grade in 1 ft high mounds to shed water and increase soil temperatures in the spring.

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