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This Summer: Fig Trees for SALE - with Big Changes to the FIG BOSS Site

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I find myself humbled by the unwavering support all of you have shown for this platform. I made it a goal of mine this previous fall to commit more of my efforts to offer accurate and inspiring details on the subject of figs. It’s paid off.

Today, thanks to individuals like John McDougall and countless hours of learning the nuances of SEO, the Fig Boss blog is regularly highlighted on the front page of Google searches. The growth has surpassed anything I would have hoped for. Every day, I’m on the receiving end of messages highlighting how the information I’ve shared has inspired many to start growing their own fig tree. And I think we all know where that leads to; more than just one fig tree, hehe.

More than just sharing knowledge, however, I've had the privilege of sharing actual fig cuttings and trees with you all. If you're pondering over the idea of purchasing a fig tree this summer, you can now find the listings, here.

Behind the scenes, the Fig Boss blog has undergone an upgrade, involving many hours dedicated to crafting listings like those found on other websites.

To see what's currently available for sale, just navigate to the top of the page, find the "STORE" tab, and click on "FIG CUTTINGS & PLANTS". You'll be promptly directed to the storefront. As the growing season progresses, more rooted cuttings will become available, followed by air layers, culminating in dormant trees growing in 3-5g pots come November.

I also recently published a video on the YouTube channel about 11 common mistakes to avoid when growing fig trees. It’s come to my attention that the long article I wrote on the subject was not accessible from the main navigation menu at the top of the site. That’s now fixed and I would highly recommend the read so that you can ensure a successful fig season. Check that out, here:

If you’re ever curious about a topic you’re interested in learning about, the search bar at the top of the site does a great job of navigating through the blog. Whether you want to learn about pruning, training, harvesting, or the many fig varieties, you can easily find pretty much every topic you’d want to learn about and more regarding figs and fig trees.

Some of the articles I’ve yet to cover are the Complex Berry flavor profile, breba figs and the varieties that produce them, and a guide to growing fig trees in containers. If you want to see another topic covered, comment down below or feel free to message me.

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