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The Scoop on Figoin, Verdino del Nord & Verdino del Nord

The confusion around this variety is getting out of control. Let me be clear because there is 2 figs with the same exact name. To make things worse.. the colors are similar. They're both green skinned with a red interior.

2. Verdino del Nord (Tatiana): An Italian Woman named Tatiana sells this fig. Olga was the one who sold cuttings of this variety long ago on Ebay, which is how I got mine (the first photo is from my own tree ripened this year). It has a longer neck (not stem) and is a larger fig. Usually medium in size. I can tell you with absolute certainty that they are very different figs.

1. Verdino del Nord (Vladimiro Rocco) & Figoin: Many years ago VR appeared on F4F posting about a fig called Figoin. A number of in the know growers caught wind and eventually Bass started growing it and selling it. Sometime in between now and then, VR changed the name to Verdino del Nord, which is what it is currently called on his blog: - This Verdino del Nord is quite a small fig with a long stem. This is my best fig.

The size and the stem and/or neck are the dead giveaways even if you don't know the source of the Verdino del Nord in question. Do not get confused by black sugar spots or colors. If you have a fig called Verdino del Nord, it's more likely that your fig is the Tatiana version.

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