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The Last of the Fig Trees in 2022 Available for Sale

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Hello everyone,

Like I said in the last update, I have some larger fig trees for sale. These trees are in 5 gallon sized containers that will be shipped with the soil and the pot in a 24x12x12 inch box through UPS. This is a great way to experience high quality fruit in a short amount of time. I also still have 1 and 2 gallon sized trees for sale as well. I imagine these will go quick, so don't miss your chance on a variety you've been interested in. Below is an example of what you'll receive. You can find the link to the tree sales on FigBid:

Just a reminder because I know someone will ask-- cutting sales will begin in about 2-3 weeks. As late as early December. I don't have a list of varieties that I'll be selling cuttings from, but the majority of my in ground trees will be cut with only 1-2 trunks preserved. Those will be bent to the ground and protected this winter. Each variety like last year will be sold as a set of 3 cuttings. Each cutting is a foot in length.

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