The Figs are WAY Ahead of Schedule

I checked some of my videos last year and I would say that my potted figs (receiving no head start) are at least 2 weeks ahead of last year. Here's a couple reasons as to why:

1. I removed ALL mulch from the tops of the pots to increase soil temps. 2. My warm April had a good hand in waking them up on time. The majority of them that received no head start woke up from April 15th - April 25th. 3. Since I have taken CJ Andre's advice (for those who know him) seriously. In that I have been feeding them aggressively as he would say. Just 4 doses of Jack's fast release liquid fertilizer (9-45-15) per tree. Once a week for the last 4 weeks. Feeding them early is nothing new, but I have always neglected feeding them early to handle other early season chores. What a difference I think this has made specifically. ​​​​​​​ I have even pinched very few of the in ground varieties.

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