The Cut & Cover Method in a Winter Wonderland

For those that have seen my yard, you'll know that in these photographs is almost 100 fig trees. But to the eyes that don't know my yard, it would be hard to know that the 100 trees were cut to 6-12 inches in the fall and then covered with tarps. This is called the cut and cover method of winter protection of fig trees. Without a doubt some sort of method of winter protection for in ground fig trees in necessary in zone 6 and lower climates. This is one of my favorites.

One of the obvious downsides to this method is that it's not the prettiest thing in your yard. While it doesn't usually snow a ton here, it certainly has this winter and it's made me realize that this method isn't ugly all winter. Especially if you're in a much colder climate than mine. The ground will be covered with snow and therefore will cover the ugly tarps. IT also adds extra insulation for those more adventurous that are trying this method in those climates. Anyway.. food for thought.

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