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The California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) meets Fig Boss

From the July CFRG newsletter:


Saturday, August 28, 10:00 am

Speaker: Ross Raddi

Topic: Wonderful World of Figs

Have you had the pleasure of eating fresh figs off a tree? Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy fig honey? Did you know figs are one of those rare fruits that can mimic any flavor you can imagine? Join us for a special August meeting as Ross Raddi delves into the wonderful world of figs and the unimaginable diversity of this amazing plant!

Ross will be talking about the fantastic journey of growing figs. Why you should get into them, what are the best ways, what benefits you may see along the way, the stories behind some figs, flavors, textures, genetic diversity, and a whole lot more!

Ross Raddi is a fig enthusiast and well known YouTube gardener. He is well known in the fig community and is the creator of Fig Boss, a blog for everything figs ( Ross’ mission is to spread the obsession of growing figs to your backyard."

Can't wait to see some of you there. And yes.. this is my finalized logo. At some point in the future this will be what I rebrand to and it will be on the packaging of fruits I inevitably sell to the public.

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