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Talking With Canadian Fig Grower Steven Biggs about Fig Tree Winter Protection

In this fig interview, I am talking with Steven Biggs, an Ontario fig grower. We discuss the importance of fig tree winter protection and the creative ways to go about it. This talk lays out a lot of the important details that are often overlooked. We cover pretty much everything, so don't miss it if you're still struggling to figure something out. I did write up a longer form blog post on this topic as well not too long ago. Feel free to read that in addition to what Steven and I got to chatting about here:

Steven Biggs is a fig author and growing food educator. He's written two books! One called Grow Figs Where you Think you Can't & Growing Figs in Cold Climates: 150 of Your Questions Answered:

Steven also has a website where you can find a lot of his other information and also where you can find his podcast. I've joined Steven on a number of occasions to talk about figs there:

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