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Paratjalina - Beautiful stripes

This fig isn't a rimada, but it's got some nice stripes. Rimada figs are chimera mutations of already existing varieties. In the case of Dotatto a chimera mutation occurred called Rigato del Salento. In the case of Panachee, that's the rimada version of a fig called Bordissot Blanca, Bourjassotte Blanc or Brogiotto Bianco depending on what language you're speaking.

This one is different than Paratjal or the rimada version of Paratjal called Paratjal Rimada. It shows different characteristics. It's supposed to be more rain and split resistant, which is why I picked it up over the other two. Here I come to find out that it's actually quite beautiful too. The striping usually fades as it ripens, but not on this fig.

For a full write up on this variety check out Pons' book or his site here: