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Now's your chance to get some of the fig varieties that I love the most.

I'm offering Sucrette, Campaniere, Smith & Nerucciolo d'Elba right now on FigBid. The auctions end tonight at 8 PM EST. These are some of the best varieties of figs you could ask for in a humid climate. I also have listed a Teramo, which should go for a cheap price if anyone is looking for something affordable. Check out the listings here on FigBid:

About Campaniere that's pictured, "Campaniere has become my favorite early fig variety. Ripens 75 days after pinching, which means it's right there among the earliest of varieties. Supposedly hardy to -4F (still testing). Has drying capabilities. High rain/split resistance. Hang time is about 6 days. And the eating experience is of a top tier fig. Syrupy when picked ripe. Thick and dense when shriveled. Very high sweetness. From my experience it's better overall than any of the other very early figs. Teramo, Yellow Neches, Albo, RdB, Florea, Improved Celeste, Iranian Candy, Pastiliere. None of these have this level of flavor combined with high rain/split resistance."

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I'm Ross, the "Fig Boss." A YouTuber educating the world on the wonderful passion of growing fig trees. Apply my experiences to your own fig journey to grow the best tasting food possible.
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