Name this Fig & Win! - Part 3

Part 2 I admit was difficult. None of you could guess correctly, so there was no winner. The variety was Smith! It was a fig from a young tree that had almost black skin. This one should be a lot easier and in all honesty should just be a race to see who comments first. The first two to guess correctly will be sent cuttings in December. US & EU addresses only. A few more giveaways to come on the blog.

Additionally, I am requesting that the winner of this contest and future contest winners donate a minimum of $15 to support the recent fire victims in Northern California and to also support another recent tragedy that occurred in Louisiana to support Joe Puckett due to the recent hurricanes. Both have lost homes, orchards & livelihoods.

The links to which you can support either cause are below:

To support Joe

To support Doug & the fire victims

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