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MAJOR Changes to FIGBOSS.COM | New Variety Directory, Flavor Profile Page, MERCH & More!

I'm very proud to say that I've been working hard on the Fig Boss site for the last couple weeks. All of this hard work is aimed at making your lives easier when finding the right fig information that you need to. The site is more functional, beautiful and acts as a hub of all of my content.

I'm proud to announce that a lot of the changes are now complete. I started by creating a fig variety directory: - which includes a short list of every variety I've written about here on the Fig Boss blog. It comes with photos, a navigation tool and short snippets of information that lead to individual blog post entries that are much more detailed on that particular variety. Still more work to come on the directory in terms of adding varieties, but the bare bones and how I want the directory is now complete.

I then followed up the directory by creating a fig flavor profiles page, which you can find here: - Both of which are now under the "LEARN" tab at the top navigation bar of the site. The flavor profile page is simply and updated, more beautiful and function version of the flavor profiles I had for many years in my fig spreadsheet. There I describe the 4 basic components of fig flavor:


The basics of what a fig tastes like is then followed up by the flavor profiles themselves. A total of 8 profiles with short details about the profile, what the profile is called and a photo of what you would expect in that flavor profile. If you click on the profiles themselves, you'll be sent to individual blog posts that I've created. These blog posts were made for each flavor profile that in much more detail describe the profile and list out all of the individual fig varieties in that category with descriptions and photos.

Under the "LEARN" tab I also added some favorite blog postings of mine that are highly informational. The Fig Commandments (basic information on growing figs like fertilizer, water, sunlight, etc...), the 15 Steps to Success page, so you don't make any mistakes and the Fig Tree Timeline page, so that if you're ever unsure of what you should be doing at any point of the season, that timeline can act as a calendar to guide your decisions.

I also added the "GROWING TIPS" tab at the top navigation bar, which details a lot of the postings that I think are very useful for successful fig tree growing. Links there include what humid climate varietal characteristics are important, how sunlight relates to productivity, establishing the form of our trees, pruning, fertilizing and MORE.

Lastly, I added a "STORE" tab to the top navigation bar. This includes the FigBid link to where all of my cuttings and trees are sold.* A lot of trees will be listed over the next month.* This tab also includes our NEW MERCH. I'm very excited to announce that I've partnered with Teespring to bring you all an easy way to be apart of the Fig Boss brand. I've designed shirts, mugs, water bottles, phone cases, a really cool notebook for fig related notes and I made your favorite fig varieties into stickers!

A whole lot more merch can be found here: - my plan is to in the near future add hats, new merch with a different logo and fig posters of important and beautiful information.

Soon I may make other changes to the site. Like added a testimonials page, a fig synonyms page, a store with exclusive varieties only sold on the site and other minor changes. Let me know if you want a feature added and check out all of the new changes!

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