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Learning about Wild Fig Trees, Seedlings & the Interesting World of Pollination w/ The Fig Hunter

David and Priscilla Burke together are known as the Fig Hunter. They've been featured on the Smithsonian for their work finding wild seedling fig trees all over California.

It's very important work and in this episode we talk a lot about seedling fig trees, the flavor of caprified figs and the incredible world of pollinating figs. From their website: https:// - "We have found wild fig trees from Disneyland to Oregon, though most our finds are in the San Francisco Bay Area to Redding. We follow strict, long established, naming guidelines of the fig community. We freely name seedling figs, while documenting the trees so as to be able to verify that they are a true seedling. If we can’t tell with certainty that it is a seedling ( 100 year old trees ), we might name the road and unknown if only for our own records . You may ask how can we tell it wasn’t planted? We use the method of possibilities if a tree is in a spot such as growing out of a rock the chances are it’s not planted. We do our diligence and research; the hours spent pouring over photos is exhausting. Most important we are doing this because it’s fun to share with others and the adventure."

Right now the Burke family is having a Christmas special on their website. Use the code FIGBOSS10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount on their products.

They also do a free monthly giveaway on their website to inspire new fig growers and are hosting a SoCal fig cutting exchange. Check them out: https://

You can also find them on YT, IG & FB:

To watch the episode, check out the full interview below:

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