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Last Weeks Fig Tree Haul

This past Monday I went to UPS with a car load of trees. They almost didn't all fit. I want to thank everyone who's been buying them. The 5g size I just added to FigBid is a great way to receive something substantial if you're just starting out. These are very healthy and strongly rooted trees perfect for planting or up potting. And there's even some really nice tasting varieties for sale. Some I would highly recommend for humid climates too.

Negrette de Porquerolles is a fig that's very similar to Bourjassotte Noire. It's a commercial fig that's widely grown and tastes incredible. On the level of Black Madeira. This fig is showing good rain and split resistance. On the late side with a long hang time. Highly recommended for dry/hot climates.

Palmares is a Portuguese variety that comes highly recommended from Baud. Baud is the most well respected fig grower in France. The overwhelming majority of the figs he's catalogued have done fantastic here. However, I think this one needs more heat/sun than what I have here. I'm sure it's doable without a head start, but you need warmer/sunny conditions. The eating experience is among the best. Even from the small sample size so far this year. I'm very happy to be sharing this variety as I don't think many have it.

La Bourgeoise is a French fig and is also popularized by Baud. It's supposed to be a Coll de Dama alternative in that the pulp is thick, great tasting, but it ripens 2 weeks earlier. As of 2022, I can certainly see the comparison. It's very tasty. One of the best tasting figs and the pulp is thick. The tree is vigorous, productive, but the skin can absorb too much moisture. Baud knows his figs. Simply put.. the majority of his varieties check all the boxes for a quality fig variety. I would highly recommend this fig for somewhere dry.

Monaco is a popular fig in Europe and of course comes from the country of Monaco. I don't think many people grow it in the US yet, but they should. Especially somewhere dry. It's very tasty with a flavor profile of honey and berry that's rather unique and I am quite fond of. Like LSU Hollier but better tasting. It's productive and on the earlier side of mid season.

Verdal Longue is among the best tasting fig varieties. I think it's similar to Hivernenca. It's late, super productive and rain resistant. A good producer in cooler weather. It's better suited in warm/dry climates, but can still do well here in the Northeast.

Green Michurinska is a local fig that a Bulgarian collector named PenandPike introduced. It flirts between an "Adriatic type" and something else. Some of the Green Michurinska figs that I've ripened have that awesome intense strawberry/raspberry flavor like the other Adriatic types and others I think don't belong in that category. I'm still not sure where I stand on this front. What I know is that it's one of the best choices for a green skinned/red interior fig. This variety has high vigor, good fruit set, none of them split this year and it even has decent drying capabilities. It's even quite hardy being that the Mother tree is massive in a zone 7 climate. It's overall one of the best figs that I grow.

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