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Last Call For Fig Trees!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to inform you all that this is the last remaining week before I end the fig tree sale. Get them now before you have to wait until May. In the next 1-2 weeks I will be making cuts on my in ground trees and the cutting sale will begin. As I discussed in the last blog post, some of the remaining trees are in 5 gallon sized containers and they will be shipped with the soil and the pot in a 24x12x12 inch box through UPS. This is a great way to experience high quality fruit in a short amount of time. I also still have some 1 and 2 gallon sized trees for sale as well. I imagine these will go quick, so don't miss your chance to grab a variety that you've been interested in. You can find the link to the tree sales on FigBid:

In regards to cuttings, I don't have a list of varieties that I'll be selling cuttings from, but the majority of my in ground trees will be cut with only 1-2 trunks preserved. Those will be bent to the ground and protected this winter. Each variety like last year will be sold as a set of 3 cuttings. Each cutting is a foot in length.

Some of the varieties left are:

Negrette de Porquerolles - This is a fig that's very similar to Bourjassotte Noire. It's a commercial fig that's widely grown and tastes incredible. On the level of Black Madeira. This fig is showing good rain and split resistance. On the late side with a long hang time. Highly recommended for dry/hot climates.

Palmares is a Portuguese variety that comes highly recommended from Baud. Baud is the most well respected fig grower in France. The overwhelming majority of the figs he's catalogued have done fantastic here. However, I think this one needs more heat/sun than what I have here. I'm sure it's doable without a head start, but you need warmer/sunny conditions. The eating experience is among the best. Even from the small sample size so far this year. I'm very happy to be sharing this variety as I don't think many have it.

La Bourgeoise is a French fig and is also popularized by Baud. It's supposed to be a Coll de Dama alternative in that the pulp is thick, great tasting, but it ripens 2 weeks earlier. As of 2022, I can certainly see the comparison. It's very tasty. One of the best tasting figs and the pulp is thick. The tree is vigorous, productive, but the skin can absorb too much moisture. Baud knows his figs. Simply put.. the majority of his varieties check all the boxes for a quality fig variety. I would highly recommend this fig for somewhere dry.

Verdal Longue is among the best tasting fig varieties. I think it's similar to Hivernenca. It's late, super productive and rain resistant. A good producer in cooler weather. It's better suited in warm/dry climates, but can still do well here in the Northeast.

One of my favorite Adriatic figs is called Proscuitto. Proscuitto seems to be ripening faster than the others allowing it to shrivel on the tree. So Proscuitto is combining both of what we look for. A short hang time and the ability to taste great even when under ripe.

Black Madeira - This is probably the most notorious fig variety among hobbyist fig growers in the United States. It's a fig variety that originally was introduced to hobbyists by the USDA. The USDA houses a fig collection at UC Davis in California. Many years ago the USDA offered cuttings from their collection to hobbyist growers. The hobbyist online community rose in popularity during the times of Figs 4 Fun (F4F). F4F was a community of fig growers from all over the world created by Jon Verdick. It was the first online community alongside GardenWeb, which is now called Houzz. The growers of these communities tried the majority of the figs that the USDA had imported and was housing in their collection. Black Madeira was the best tasting among them according to many hobbyists and so as the hobbyist community grew, it's only common sense that Black Madeira would grow with it in fame. In my mind, it is notorious and if there is ever something written on the history of fig trees in the United States, Black Madeira must be mentioned. Many years later it is still considered one of the best tasting. It is the standard fig variety for flavor that all others must be compared to. Why? It has quite a complex berry flavor and high sweetness even when it's not pollinated.

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