Joualle Noire Breba - Perfect Texture

Alright everybody.

Welcome to the first fig review of 2021. Now that I'm no longer apart of the fig communities, I'll be posting here and only here. I'll try to cover every fig I eat in video format, but it just will not happen. There's not enough time, so writing about these varieties on the blog or previously on the fig forums makes a lot of sense.

The absolute first fig I picked this season was a breba of Joualle Noire. It's a new variety. Not entirely sure what to expect. It's a favorite of a commercial grower in Malaysia named Dato. I'm always skeptical of recommendations from other fig growers that I am not familiar with. You just never know, but boy oh boy if the main crop is anything like the breba, we've got a winner. Particularly in the texture department. Although I have not talked about the Coll de Dama figs yet on the blog, they are the standard of excellence in regards to texture. They're thick and jammy, but thicker and more jammy than 99% of the other figs out there. The pulp is so thick that it actually reminds me of pancake batter. Like you're eating a cake that nature made that's in fig form. Truly spectacular.

Truthfully, this breba and other brebas are usually low in quality, but this one was up there with the best textured figs I've had. Namely the CDD's and Paradiso (Baud). The flavor was lacking, but that's I think to be expected considering the circumstances.

Very excited to say the least to see more from this fig. Stay tuned for an update later this season on the main crop and check out the video I published today on the YouTube channel:

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