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Fig Trees for SALE at Buy it NOW Prices - Black Celeste, Campaniere, Smith, Azores Dark & More

Dormancy is fast approaching here and before my trees go dormant I decided to offer trees at buy it now prices (at a rough average of recent prices) to wrap things up quickly in the world of selling trees before I start offering fig cuttings again this winter.

However, I do have air layers I may sell over the next coming weeks that are not dormant and shortly after I will have many bare rooted trees for sale like we've done very successfully over the last 2 years starting in November. In mid November - early December our cutting sales will begin. Stayed tuned for an update on that. If you're looking for a specific variety, please be patient. What I have offered for sale is what's available. There's no need to contact me about a specific order.

I will ship bare rooted trees and cuttings to Canada or Europe.

For right now some varieties that are available are: Black Celeste (so many requests for this tree), Smith, Campaniere, Azores Dark, Moro de Caneva, Bordissot Blanca-Negra, Rigatta Rosa A & Nin V. A few more will be coming soon so if you're interested, continue to check my seller's page for new and current sales:

Thank you everyone.

-Ross the Fig Boss

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I'm Ross, the "Fig Boss." A YouTuber educating the world on the wonderful passion of growing fig trees. Apply my experiences to your own fig journey to grow the best tasting food possible.
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