Fig Cuttings are Available for Sale!

Just like last year we are doing a cutting sale from Mid-November to Mid-January and once again it is taking place on FigBid: - Link in bio.

Over the last week I cut 2232 cuttings off my trees. It was a ton of work, but these are the varieties that I think are worth growing and I'm happy to be able to share these amazing varieties with you all. They deserve a good home.

A couple points:

  1. Whatever is available is listed on the site. There's no need to message me individually about a particular variety or to place an order. By Sunday night 11/15, every variety I will be selling this year, will be listed.

  2. Sign up on FigBid, double check the accuracy of your mailing address and link your PayPal account. You're then ready to go.

  3. There are two options. Buy it now listings, which can be purchased at the price I have set or an auction listing, which works like an auction in a free market system. The buyers decide the price.

  4. I cannot do custom orders for the number of cuttings of your choosing. I spent over 8 hours prepackaging each set of cuttings to streamline this insanely time consuming process. I understand the desire to want 1 cutting of every variety on the planet. Resist that urge. Trust me.. the majority of you will be better off.

  5. To the European/Canadian growers: I will ship to these locations. Create a FigBid account with a US address. Purchase your cuttings (please keep it limited to 3 varieties per order) and then message me on FigBid your true European or Canadian address. I am willing to fill out a customs form for you. Please know the risks and laws of your country. I cannot be held responsible if the customs in your country confiscates the shipment.

  6. Please read each individual listing before buying. Do your research on each variety! Know your seller!

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