Fertilizing Fig Trees

I’ve had great results with 4 heavy feedings starting shortly after bud break at intervals of once per week. This year I’m trying 6. That was with a 9-45-15. I can’t say for sure exactly how much each tree has received. However, once my bag of 9-45-15 is gone, I’ll be switching to a 10-5-8. That by my estimation is the right fertilizer ratio for figs. Maybe even a 10-4-12. I’m still undecided. Additionally this year, I will be foliar spraying at one month intervals Dyna-Gro Protekt even into the fall. Which is a 0-0-3 with silica. Literature states some spectacular benefits from silica and anecdotally seems to be worth it in figs. Especially for those of us that have issues with rust. I’m hoping this product will aid in better lignification, cold hardiness and overall plant health. Ph should be around 7 and there’s an argument to be made for something between 7-7.5 for better uptake of magnesium. Lime for the micronutrients is highly recommended and of course make sure all of your bases are covered in terms of micros.

What you don’t want to do:

There’s very little reason to apply nitrogen feedings after you have your desired fruit set. Nitrogen is the main factor in annual shoot production. While necessary, too much will ruin proper lignification and lower fruit quality. You will without any doubt see more cracking in your fruits and I know some will think that’s beautiful, but your fruits will not taste more beautiful. Ideally you want your trees to completely cease growth after achieving your desired fruit set. This is accomplished with ceasing nitrogen and decreasing waterings after fruit set. For some of us that’s nearly impossible. It’s certainly possible in containers, but getting that right is again the most ideal scenario.

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