**Cutting Giveaway** & A Little on the Amazingness of Fig Tree Cuttings...

First I want to say thank you again to David Burke for supplying part of the cuttings for the giveaway in support of the Institute for Functional Medicine. Check out his shop or contact him on Facebook if anyone has some specific interest. Also please do check out some of the great information some functional medicine doctors offer online. Dr. Mark Hyman on YouTube is great place to start.

As I said in the video a few days ago, the winners of the giveaway will be to the first 5 people to comment on this blog post (as shown below). This also requires a donation of $50 to my PayPal: - Please do not check the goods and services box and DO NOT forget to include your mailing address. You will receive 15 cuttings total. Some varieties are unknowns that are local finds in California found by David Burke. The others are from me and are called Negretta, Dall'Oso & Ravin de Calce. See this video that I published for all of the details:

Also I want to talk about how incredible it is that cuttings I took over 2 months ago show almost no wear and tear. They've been sitting outside all this time in contact with the soil microbes, seeing a low of 14F, no refrigeration, no vacuum sealing, plastic wrap, all of the rain, wind, and nasty winter weather. The ground has certainly frozen plenty of times too. How is it that we worry so much about our cuttings if we can literally put them on the ground outside in frigid and unideal conditions and have almost no damage? Just another testament to how great figs are I guess...

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