Bare Rooted Trees are Available Once Again!

I'm very happy to announce that after immense success last fall I have decided once again that I'll be offering some bare rooted trees for sale. These trees are a great opportunity for someone that wants to skip the line to get on the roller coaster a bit faster. Because these trees are more mature than the average tree sold on on FigBid and because of their large root systems, I see no reason why you can't expect quite a bit of fruit next year that will also be at a higher eating quality.

The full list of trees available and their prices can be found on my storefront page on FigBid:

I'll be bare rooting roughly 40-50 fig trees this year for shipment. Very happy to do this for people because these trees are a steal, but it's an insane amount of work. Between the actual bare rooting, packing, shipping, creating the listings, you have no idea what has gone into this. I have a feeling that these are going to go fast as I already sold 8 of them while creating the listings today. Cuttings will start being sold sometime around Thanksgiving or after a few frosts hit my trees.

Thank you for the continued support everyone. These trees are a great way I think to pay you guys back.

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