50 Trees in Ground this Spring: Finished Product & Thoughts

First, a couple things... I still have a few more to plant, but I'm basically finished. The planting techniques have been discussed in our prior blog posting. I do want to note that I pretty much got a little more carried away than I had anticipated. There are 4 sections of the yard dedicated for in ground trees. In two of them I have a 2 ft spacing and in the other two, I have a 3 ft spacing. All in a south or west exposure.

Varieties I went with: Bellone & Sobon Blue Green -- I believe that Sobon could be the same thing. I have them both planted in the same hole to confirm or deny. Figue Jaune Lampiera 1 Pissalutto Ronde de Bordeaux

Fico Roco Sultane Texas BA-1 Negra d'Adge Barbillone Zaffiro Black Greek (Dennis) Brianzolo Rosso Campaniere x6 LSU Champagne Kutfeji Black Simon Unk #1 Teramo x2 Azores Dark Green Michurinska White Marseilles (EL) Longue D'Aout LSU Hollier Negretta Nerino x2 Stallion -- This is Blue Celeste Verdolino HC Unk De Tres Esplets La Borgeoise BM (kk) Bourjassotte Grise Violette Sepor San Biagio Black Zadar -- Could be dead St. Martin Nerucciolo d'Elba La Magdeleine Cul Noir Col Littman's Black Cross JFE's Black Madeira "Not" Matza Niedda Rosso Di Goni Ischia Black (Porquerolles) Smith (JFE) Iraqi -- this is the palmata hybrid Golden Rainbow Blanche De Deux Saison Thermalito White Madeira #1 Dall'Oso Fico Luv BB10 Vasilika Black (Herman) Victoria Demos Family Unk Sangue Dolce Gayet -- Dalmatie type White Triana Pastiliere x4 -- All from different sources Sicilian Black -- This is a workhorse HC type Florea Black Celeste Violette De Marseilles -- Most likely is Black Celeste I258 Noire De Barbentane Preto Little Ruby Nero 600m Malta Black Improved Celeste

Overall I think a lot of these will fall short. Anything ripening after Sept 15th will eventually have to go and the hardiest will prevail. I won't know for another 2 winters what that is exactly, but my stock is being placed in Campaniere, Pastiliere & HC types. If nothing survives, the winner will be the fig that does the best after dieback, which could be quite a few of these.

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