5 Goals for the 2019 season

Goal 1: First and foremost our goals must be around figs. The fruit is just too good. I will really hate the day that I bite into a fig and not be astounded that Mother nature could create such a perfect thing. In terms of our plans.. we must first think about our tagging and record keeping systems. Quantifying data is going to be an important part of the 2020 cull. We'll also be limiting water even further by covering each and every pot so that no rain can enter. I want full control of the water input.

Goal 2: Melons. Amy Goldman really inspired our decisions on the heirloom varieties that we'll be growing this year. Same thing with our tomatoes. Biting into my first REAL melon in Japan that was probably $20-50 a pop absolutely blew me away. Since I've been on a mission to replicate that amazing experience.

Goal 3: Tomatoes. Amy Goldman inspired heirloom varieties that will not be beat on flavor. I want production, but mostly flavor. All trained as single stemmed plants. Our technique is solid, but the variety selection is what we're tweaking. Check out the Garden Peach tomato and Currant tomatoes.

Goal 4: Improving our garden. With better techniques, longer lived and easier to grow species and varieties, we're stepping up our game this year. We're also trying new annuals for the first time. Things like Onions, a whole host of Asian greens and cabbages as well as something called Huazontle (Aztec Broccoli).

Goal 5: Persimmon and Pomegranates. I'm putting these two together because it's time for both of these to really put out some amazing fruit. We have 9 persimmon trees in the ground now and 1 that is absolutely massive. I'm expecting big fruit numbers. In terms of Poms.. these guys are reaching year 4 in their 10g sized pots. We saw flowers for the first time last year, changed up our pruning methods and may have to focus on hand pollinating to get a good fruit set. Also a big tree has come through and that is our Salavatski. The hardiest pomegranate possibly in existence. It has survived our Z7A winter completely unscathed.

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