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$300 Raised, Raffle Winners Announced, 30% off Fig Cuttings & a Big Thank You

Alright everyone.
The winners of the fig cutting giveaway in support of educating chiropractors in the Pierce Results System are revealed. Congratulations to Jim A., Felice B, & Brook Enterprises. Please message me your mailing address through the contact form at the top of the screen if we've not already spoken.

The revealing of the winners can be watched below:

I want to thank everyone that participated. $300 was raised and 25 donation were made. That's incredible!

Much more than I expected and in the past when I've raised money, it was usually first come first serve or some kind of contest. This marks a new milestone in Fig Boss and I cannot wait to do the next one.

I'm proud of you guys.

Lastly, I've decided to discount the remaining fig cuttings that I have for sale. I'm offering 30% off (which can't be combined with other discounts) to liquidate what's remaining. There's not much left, but what's left is certainly a steal and varieties I'm growing for a good reason.

See the remaining fig cuttings that are for sale here:

Godfather, Noire de Barbentane, White Triana, Longue d'Aout, Midieval Yvoire, Sultane & Pastiliere are suited to humid climates.

Noire de Barbentane, Thermalito & La Borgeoise are some of the tastiest figs available for hot/dry places.

Pastiliere, Godfather, White Triana, Longue d'Aout & Sultane have proven hardiness.

In general I can't believe that the Thermalito have not sold. When a friend of mine named Doug came to visit from California he brought to this day some of the best jam and figs I've ever eaten. They were from a seedling he found in California called Thermalito

The video on that event is found below:

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Malonie Hewstan
Malonie Hewstan

I'm already trialing 5 more varieties than I planned because of your videos. I can't handle anymore this year.

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I'm Ross, the "Fig Boss." A YouTuber educating the world on the wonderful passion of growing fig trees. Apply my experiences to your own fig journey to grow the best tasting food possible.
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